The Telos Lemurian Ray Crystal Energy Activation

The Lemurian Ray Crystals are the crystals that are blessed with the Lemurian Ray of the Universal Love & Light.The crystals are able to help you to align with the energy of the high vibrational consciousness of Telos, Lemuria.

Any crystal can be a Lemurian Ray Crystal.

You don’t have to belong to any religion at all. There’s no need to belong to anything, because you are a part of Gaia and the Universe, always.

All you need is your intention to be connected to the Telos, Lemurian consciousness and allow their energy to flow to you and your beloved crystals.

You can synchronize your crystals’ vibration with the high vibrational consciousness of Telos, Lemuria by yourself, if you wish – with the crystals’ permission, of course 😉

But if you need a hand, here it is:

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Crystal Blessings,